Jeni Jones

We’ve been jonesing for some Jenis’s ice cream!  There are several of their signature flavors that you can get at the grocery store, but to partake in their perennial flavors and experience their newest brilliant flavor combinations, you have to go to the source.  A few new tasty flavors at our favorite ice cream place

Double-Toasted Coconut with sea salt

Sweet Potato with torched marshmallows

Banana Cajeta


The Banana Cajeta was our favorite of these three.  Cajeta is a goat’s milk caramel.  The combination of the fresh banana taste and the creamy caramel was a winner.  Our daughter usually gets the Milkiest Chocolate or the Salty Caramel, but she recently branched out to the Dark Chocolate Peppermint and declared it the new favorite!


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We love going to Chagrin Falls, especially now that Jeni’s is there, but there is a lack of dining options for the discerning palate.  On the inexpensive end of the spectrum, you have Yours Truly and Fresh Start Diner, which have their place especially for breakfast, lunch and if you have young children.  On the other end, you have GameKeepers Tavern and Jeckyll’s Kitchen of which we are not fans.  So when we decided to make a Jeni’s run last week, but decided we should have more than just ice cream for dinner, we chose Umami.  We’re glad we did.  The place is extremely small, so luckily it was a week night, and they had room for us.  For 2 people, we would recommend one of the window seats, which are small but cozy and a good spot for people watching. The menu is not your typical Asian fare.  It is unique in a good way, with sophisticated, bold flavors.

Roasted Shiitakes…sesame, scallions, ponzu dipping sauce

Crispy Pork Belly

Goat Cheese Dumplings…seared greens, soy ginger butter

Massaman Curry Chicken…black rice, tomato, galangal, lime, peanuts

Seared Red Tuna…daikon, ginger, tosa shoyu

He said…My favorite was the pork belly.  The skin was crispy, and the meat was tender.  It was a well executed dish; the asian slaw and sweet sauce were the perfect accompaniment.

She said…First of all, he never met a pork belly he didn’t like.  My favorite was the goat cheese dumplings.  The dumplings were perfectly cooked, not too doughy, which is often the case with dumplings.  I also enjoyed the chicken curry, especially the black rice.  The curry was not overwhelming, but still very flavorful.

We both agree that the service was outstanding.  Our server recommended a couple of their featured wines, which we tried and really enjoyed.  Overall, it was a very pleasant dining experience, and we will definitely return.

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One thing we agree on is that Jeni’s ice cream is the best ever!  We discovered Jeni’s a few years ago when we were having dinner in Columbus, and our waiter suggested we go down the street to Jeni’s for dessert.  We fell in love with the place.  The fresh local ingredients and the unique flavors had us finding excuses to head to Columbus (close to a 2 hour drive).  Recently, a new Jeni’s opened up a little closer to home in Chagrin Falls.  If you haven’t been there yet, run as fast as you can and get yourself some happiness in a bowl!

The Milkiest Chocolate in the World, Brown Butter Almond Brittle and Salty Caramel

Check out all of these amazing flavors!

He said…the best flavor is Bourbon Buttered Pecan.

She said…no way, you are so wrong!  The best flavor is, hands down, the Salty Caramel!

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