Biga Wood Fired Pizzeria

We’ve been hearing quite a bit about Biga lately.  Kirtland is not close for us, but we happened to be out that way, so we decided to give it a try.  We are glad we did!  This is the best pizza we have had in a very long time!

2013-01-19 17.41.15

Margherita Pizza
Made-in-house fresh tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese and locally-grown basil

2013-01-19 17.41.31-1

Fresh, Sweet Sausage Pizza
Freshly crafted-in-house sweet sausage, locally-grown oregano, made-in-house tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese

2013-01-19 17.43.37

Special of the day – dates, prosciutto and rosemary cream

2013-01-19 18.05.20-1

Ho Ho

He said…My favorite pizza of the night was the specialty pizza.  I thought the ingredients, including the prosciutto, were excellent.  I especially liked the rosemary cream sauce, which was delicious.  I liked the margherita and the sausage pizza, however, I think I prefer Crostata’s versions of both pizzas.  In particular, I like Crostata’s sausage, which is spicier.  The dessert was just OK for me as the cake was a little dry.

She said…The crust!  The delicious, crispy yet chewy, flavorful devine crust!  There was a lot of talk comparing this pizza to Crostatas during this meal, but Biga has the clear edge in the crust department in my opinion.  And that specialty pizza with the rosemary cream was to die for!  It was the perfect balance of sweet and savory.  I agree that the Salsiccia pizza at Crostatas has a spicier flavor, which I also prefer, however, the Biga menu did describe the sausage as sweet.  The dessert was disappointing.  I can remember tearing open that silver Hostess Ho Ho wrapper and devouring it at lunch as a kid in school. Maybe it was the nostalgia, and the fact that they are no longer making them that made me order it.  Those Little Debbie impersonators are just not the same.  Unfortunately, this one was dry and pretty tasteless.  I’d skip dessert next time, but who cares?  The pizza is worth the trip.

There were a few mishaps with the service (one of our requests forgotten and the bill was not totaled when brought to us), but our server was young and very apologetic in a self deprecating way, so it didn’t bother us at all.  If Biga was closer to home, we would surely be regular customers.  The distance may keep us from going back often, but the pizza guarantees that we will be back!

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