Michael’s A.M.

We go to Michael’s A.M. in Akron for breakfast basically because of their eggs Benedict.  We’ve found that many breakfast places fail miserably at this dish.  At Michael’s, they know how to do it right.  The egg, of course, is the star of the dish, and should be poached to perfection.  So many times at other restaurants we have cut into that first bite only to be utterly disappointed when nothing oozes onto the plate.  The English muffin is also an important component.  It must be crispy.  The hollandaise sauce should not be too thick, and it absolutely must have a lemony zing to it.  Michael’s consistently delivers in all of these categories.  So if you have a craving for the Benedict, head down to the valley and visit Michael’s.  The service is always fast and friendly as well. 



And by the way, our daughter thinks their waffles are pretty good too!

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One thought on “Michael’s A.M.

  1. I agree. I go there specifically for the Eggs Benedict and was lucky enough to catch a special recently which was Lobster and Spinach Eggs Benedict. They also had a version with crab cakes that day.

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