Tra Vigne, Saint Helena (Napa Valley Part 5)

We hadn’t planned on dining at Tra Vigne during our trip to Napa, but we are so glad that our friends suggested that we stop in for lunch. We sat out on the patio on a beautiful afternoon and enjoyed wonderful service and truly delicious food.


hand made at the moment ordered, grilled country style bruschetta

She said…This was absolutely delicious. There were four of us dining, and the server brought out a steaming skillet full of this amazing mozzarella and cut and served it tableside. It was hot, fresh and just melted in your mouth.

He said…Our server suggested this for our appetizer, and I’m glad we listened to him. It was a winning combination of the delicious cheese and crunchy bread. I honestly would have been happy with this and a couple glasses of wine.


sonoma black mission figs, gorgonzola, arugula, aged balsamic

She said…The crust was perfectly crispy, the figs so sweet and fresh, the cheese creamy and bold, every ingredient of high quality…pizza perfection!

He said…I’m not a huge fan of figs on pizza, however, this pizza was excellent. The cheese and arugula offered a nice balance to the sweetness of the figs, and the crust was perfectly crisp.


braised rabbit ragu, wild mushrooms, grana padano

She said…This meal just kept on getting better. The pasta was fresh and perfectly cooked. The rabbit was tender and flavorful. The earthiness of the mushrooms and the sweetness of the cheese brought the whole dish together. I loved it!


roasted wild mushrooms, thyme, villa manodori balsamico, parmesan

He said…I loved this dish. The duck was succulent, and the meat fell off the bone. The risotto was creamy and really highlighted the earthiness of the roasted mushrooms. It was simply one of my favorite dishes of the trip.

This was our favorite meal of our entire trip. Everything was top notch, from the service and atmosphere to dish after dish of amazing food.  The only bad thing…this place is so far from home!

Tra Vigne on Urbanspoon


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