Napa Valley Part 4 – Mumm, PlumpJack and Grgich Hills

Mumm Napa

She said…I love sparkling wine, so I really enjoyed Mumm.  We tasted six different sparkling wines and ended up purchasing some reserve bottles that you can only get at the winery.  It was very busy when we were there, but we were able to get a table right away with a nice view.  They seat you and wait on you here unlike many other places we visited, but it was not pretentious.  The atmosphere was lively and casual, and the service was great.

He said…After tasting some great wines, we were ready for a change of pace.  Therefore, we decided to visit Mumm and sample their sparkling wines.  Our server was very nice, which added to our experience.  All the wines were great, especially the Brut Reserve Rose, which we decided to buy.  We’ll be breaking some of that out for Thanksgiving!

PlumpJack Winery

She said…I love this winery.  It has a very cool, laid back vibe and a fairly small tasting room.  Their reds are fabulous, and we shipped home some cabernet that I can’t wait to drink!

He said…I’ve always enjoyed PlumpJack wines although we haven’t tasted them in awhile. The winery didn’t disappoint as the simple surroundings made it all about the wine.  I agree that the reds were fantastic.  We tried wines from Cade Estate Winery, which was founded as a complement to PlumpJack.  The wines from Cade were equally complex to those at PlumpJack and we decided to purchase a couple of bottles.

Grgich Hills Estate

She said…I hated this place.  It was pretentious and their reserve tasting included two wines from their winery in Croatia that I did not enjoy at all.

He said…By far our least favorite winery of the trip.  We decided to try the reserve tasting and were disappointed with the wines.

On the bright side, it was another enjoyable day with great friends!  That pretty much wraps up our winery visits, but we still have some of great food from our trip to share.


2 thoughts on “Napa Valley Part 4 – Mumm, PlumpJack and Grgich Hills

  1. We were very surprised to read that you hated your experience at Grgich Hills and that it was pretentious. We’ve worked hard to be a friendly and unpretentious winery, keeping the tasting room casual and rustic.
    Could you tell us more about your experience and why you hated the winery? We would love to improve our offerings and would appreciate knowing what we are doing wrong.
    Ken Morris
    Grgich Hills Estate

    • Ken, thanks for taking the time to ask us what we didn’t like about the winery. It was a beautiful day in early October when we visited, so we wanted to sit outside. We were told when we arrived that we could sit in the courtyard area if we did the reserve tasting, so that is what we opted to do. To the credit of the greeters, they were very friendly and welcoming. It was the service when we sat for the tasting that really turned us off. We had two different servers during the tasting. They were both unfriendly and dismissive to the point that we felt unwelcome, and quite frankly, a little uncomfortable. We were looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the weather and the wine, but after the way we were treated, we couldn’t wait to get out of there. We appreciate your effort to improve the experience for other guests.

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