Napa Valley Part 3 – Kelham and Raymond

Kelham Vineyards


He said…Our hosts had scheduled a lunch at this winery, which was welcome after a morning of tastings!  What better way to spend an afternoon than with family and friends in a beautiful setting eating a nice picnic lunch.

She said…This was our third stop on our day of tasting, and we were certainly ready for lunch when we arrived.  We tasted while we had lunch consisting of a variety of cheese, meat, fruit and nuts along with fresh bread.  They were very hospitable, and we had an enjoyable time.  The wines were nice, but nothing really stuck out enough for me to purchase.

Raymond Vineyards

He said…I wish we could have visited this winery earlier as I really enjoy Raymond wines, and the winery was definitely different from the rest of the wineries we visited.  We had a reserve cabernet sauvignon, which was fantastic.  The Red Room above is a room usually reserved for special events.  We had the opportunity to have a glass of sparkling wine in the room and the ambiance was similar to a scene from Mad Men.  It was very cool.

She said…As you can see from the pictures, Raymond is different from all the other wineries we visited.  It has a very modern feel, and I enjoyed the change of pace.  To be quite honest though, as this was our fourth tasting of the day, all the wines were starting to taste pretty similar.  I’ve had Raymond wines before, and I do like them, especially their cabernet.  The picture of the red room above, although you can’t see it very well, is their VIP room, which is a pretty cool place to hang out.

We really enjoyed checking out all four of these wineries.  It was definitely nap time after our final tasting of the day.  A huge thanks to our local friends that set this all up for us!


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