Catching Up With Fresh Fork

Here are a few meals we’ve made over the last couple of weeks from our Fresh Fork bag.

Grass fed rib steak and potatoes

Pasta with roasted tomatoes, eggplant and turkey sausage (tomatoes and eggplant from Fresh Fork)

Green onion brats, roasted beans, wheat berry salad with charred kale and onions (everything but the bun from Fresh Fork).  Recipe for the wheat berry salad from Dinner a Love Story.

Shrimp tacos with slaw made from Fresh Fork yogurt, red cabbage and carrots (sweet corn also from Fresh Fork)

We realize this isn’t the most appetizing photo, but trust us, it was delicious.  Grilled pork chop, roasted beets with feta and roasted acorn squash.  Everything except the feta was from Fresh Fork.  The acorn squash was the highlight.  We roasted it and added a little butter, salt, pepper, thyme and parmesan.  It was shockingly good!

Grass fed beef burger with lettuce and tomato, roasted green beans (everything but the bun from Fresh Fork)

Oh, and that basketball sized cabbage…

Coldormers – the Swedish version of stuffed cabbage rolls.  Talk about an unappealing photo, but these truly are delicious.  They differ from your average stuffed cabbage rolls due to the brown sugar sauce that they cook in for hours.  It gives them a sweet flavor that balances the savory pork and beef stuffing.

Tonight’s menu…a grilled vegetable sandwich with Fresh Fork eggplant, zuccini and red peppers!


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