A Successful Six Courses

We are happy to report that Six Courses for a Cure was again a huge success.  Everyone enjoyed the cocktail hour with hors d’oeurvres prepared by all the participating chefs.  The auction had some great items.  He picked up some private tennis lessons, and She picked up some jewelry.  The “Six Courses” consisted of the following:

Squash blossom, pickled serrano aioli, honeycomb by Rick Carson of Nosh Eatery and Creative Catering in Hudson.  Chef Carson participated in Six Courses last year as well and is always one of our favorites.

Smoked chili salt crusted sea scallop, summer quinoa citrus salad, pipian negro, pepitas, tajadas, cactus vinaigrette by Lynette “LBEE” Bushey of Verde Mexican Kitchen and Cantina in Pittsburgh.  Chef LBEE was a new and welcome addition to Six Courses this year, we will surely be making a trip to check out her restaurant.

Olive oil poached halibut, shaved Brussels sprouts, sweet potato, beet root, sesame-nori dust by Roger Thomas of Piatto Novo at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls.  Chef Thomas is not only a great chef, but a great person, and Six Courses would not be possible without him.

We forgot to take a picture of the 4th course, which was pan seared duck breast, barbecue duck confit cake, summer corn salad, blackberry soy gastrique prepared by Kevin Francek of Moe’s in Cuyahoga Falls.  Give us a break, there was a whole lot of wine drinking going on!  We’ve been eating at Moe’s for years, and both clearly remember one of our first dates when She walked right off the edge of the very high step outside the front of the restaurant and almost fell on her face.  Awkward!

Pork tenderloin and belly, pimiento cheese grit cake, green apple jelly, mustard by Aaron Hervey of Crave Restaurant in Akron.  Chef Hervey was also a new addition to Six Courses this year, and Crave is one of our favorite lunch spots in downtown Akron.

Goat cheese and mascarpone cheesecake with grape relish by Steve Schimoler of Crop Bistro in Ohio City.  We love Chef Schimoler’s food, have celebrated two birthdays with his Tour de Crop and look forward to trying it again at the new location.

She said…If I had to pick a favorite course, it would be the scallop.  The flavors were big and bold, and I thought all the components really came together well.  I thought the pepitas (pumpkin seeds) were unexpected and really added a nice texture to the dish.

He said…I really loved the menu and food pairings this year.  All the chefs and wine makers worked hard to deliver an unforgettable evening.  With that said, the evening could not have come to a better end with Chef Schimoler’s cheesecake.  The cheesecake was rich and decadent without being too sweet.  It was the perfect combination of dessert and cheese plate in one creative and fantastic dish.  I hope this dish gets added to the dessert menu at Crop!

Thanks to all the participating chefs and wine makers for a wonderful meal.  As usual, it was a great night for a great cause.


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