More Fresh Fork

Here’s a quick look at some things we’ve made lately using items from our Fresh Fork bag.

Blueberry and Apricot Tarts

Apricot French Toast

Flank steak, corn, tomato and cucumber salad (all from Fresh Fork except the steak)

Greek salad with Fresh Fork lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers

Braised red cabbage and pork tenderloin

The apricots were so sweet and juicy.  Our daughter ate most of them. We bought some more at the grocery store because she was enjoying them so much, but her discerning palette concluded that they were not up to par, and she refused them!  While we thought the corn was good (and we definitely consider ourselves sweet corn snobs), we have to give a shout out to our beloved Graf Growers in Akron who, in our opinion, still has the best sweet corn we have ever tasted!  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the tomatoes and cucumbers we’ve received lately.  The cabbage was a new thing for us.  We are not big cabbage eaters and had never cooked it.  We braised it with a little bacon, brown sugar, and white balsamic vinegar.  It was really good.  We used leftovers as a topping for some spicy turkey sausage.  The sweetness of the cabbage was a nice contrast to the spice.

We are excited to use our whole wheat linguini from Ohio City Pasta that was in our bag this week.  The puttanesca sauce is simmering as we type!  We also had a chance to check out Dante Buccuzzi’s new restaurant, D.B.A., in Akron this past weekend so a review of that will also be coming soon.


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