We have been very impressed with the pork products we have received from Fresh Fork. We already posted about the flavorful pork chops, and have now tasted the tenderloin and the sausage. All we can say is wow! We weren’t sure that there would be a substantial difference between the pork we receive from Fresh Fork and the pork we buy in the grocery store, but we are telling you there is a huge difference. We usually marinate our pork chops and tenderloin for a little added flavor. This pork from Newswanger Meats in Shiloh, Ohio needs no added flavor. A little salt and pepper on the chops and tenderloin, throw it on the grill and it is absolutely delicious. And the sausage…unbelievably tasty! We can’t wait to use the chorizo that we still have in the freezer.

Complete Fresh Fork dinner of pork tenderloin, peaches and zucchini

Sausage with mustard, peppers and onions (the sausage and onions from Fresh Fork)

We also made a caprese salad to go along with the sausage. The tomatoes were from Fresh Fork and were so flavorful! We can’t wait to get more this week!

So we are plugging along, trying to use all of our Fresh Fork ingredients. We still have beets, radishes and some greens we haven’t used. We will finally be spending a weekend at home so we look forward to some cooking.


2 thoughts on “Porkelicious

  1. We totally agree about the pork. When I still had some grocery store pork in the freezer, I would occasionally cook some and then we’d have some from FF and my husband would say – “this is from Trevor isn’t it”. I spend most of my vacation credits stocking up on more pork. Just a suggestion on the stuff you still have. Beets – I went to the Beet class and one of the things that served was a beet pizza. It was beet puree with herbs as sauce on a flatbread and was topped with cheve cheese and chopped beet greens. It was delicious. I had never thought about beet puree. So, I roasted my beets (whole rubbed in olive oil) and then rubbed the skins off and made puree. Then, I mixed herbs in with it and froze it in cubes for future beetza. For radishes, I don’t really like them, but they are ok chopped small in a salad. I do like them pickled. I did refrigerator pickles with them once and they were tasty and lasted a while. Yesterday, I made a quiche with some crumbled sausage and sauteed beet greens and Swiss chard for the filling. It was an easy way to use a bunch of non salad greens.

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