The Perfect Summer Meal

The perfect summer meal is fresh, light and satisfying. We think this one fit the bill. All the ingredients came from our Fresh Fork bag. Grilled pork chops, sauteed swiss chard and grilled peach. We were definitely impressed with the pork. These chops were so flavorful and certainly tasted better than what you get at the grocery store. We can’t wait to try the pork tenderloin that we picked up this week!

We were out of town for a good part of last week, so it was nice to get some things in our bag that could just be eaten as is like black raspberries and peaches. We managed to use up quite a bit of our greens with a grilled vegetable salad, the sauteed chard above and a kale salad that we’ll get to later (along with the whole chicken that we finally cooked).

This week it was nice to get some very familiar food that we know exactly what to do with like tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, beets and peaches. Considering how busy we’ve been lately, we think we’ve done a pretty good job using everything.


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