Overwhelmed with Greens

The greens are stressing us out!  We’ve already cooked with some greens that we never had before, including kale and swiss chard.  But with more greens in our bag this week we are not confident that we will find the time and recipes to use them all.  Thankfully, the next bag looks like it will be a little lighter on the greens.

This past week we received pork chops, spelt berries, spinach, bok choy, eggs, swiss chard, beets, snow peas and Chinese Napa cabbage.

It’s been another challenging week for us due to some traveling.  We already had bok choy and snow peas from the previous week that we had not used, so we gave some to family who decided to make a shrimp stir fry with it.  The pork chops went into the freezer, the snow peas were so fresh and delicious raw that we simply snacked on them, and we have yet to figure out what we are going to do with the spelt berries.  There are a couple of recipes in the Fresh Fork newsletter that look interesting, but any ideas are welcome.  We did manage to use the spinach and the beets to make a great salad with some goat cheese, slivered almonds, a little olive oil and balsamic.

The eggs will be pretty easy to use, but we still have swiss chard, bok choy and Chinese Napa cabbage as well as the leaves from the beets, all which we have never cooked with before (except the chard).  With another bag coming in a couple of days, we are feeling the pressure!


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