Ok, we’ll admit it.  We felt like we had no idea what to do with this big bulb of kohlrabi when we started hacking into it.

We had decided to make a kohlrabi puree using a recipe from FarmgirlFare.com.  The recipe said to trim the bulbs, peel any tough skin and cut the bulbs into 1-inch chunks.  That seems simple enough, but when you have never even seen a kohlrabi bulb before, you aren’t exactly sure where to start.  The recipe used the leaves as well so we removed those first.  Then we cut the bulb in half.  The outer part of the skin seemed a little tough so we peeled it (first with a peeler, but a knife worked better).  Then we cut the two halves into chunks.

Mission accomplished!

We boiled the chunks in lightly salted water for about fifteen minutes.  While that was boiling, we sauteed onions and garlic in olive oil, added mushrooms and the kohlrabi leaves and let simmer.

We drained the kohlrabi, added everything together in the food processor with a little milk and pureed until smooth.  We added salt, pepper and some parmesan.

Grilled pork chop and kohlrabi puree

This made quite a bit of puree.  We kind of wish we would have used half of the bulb for the puree and maybe roasted the other to experience more of the kohlrabi on its own.  The puree was good, but all the other flavors in it left us wondering what the kohlrabi actually tastes like.  I guess we’ll have to give it another try!


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