Fresh Fork Weekend

We picked up our Fresh Fork bag on Saturday morning.  One of the great things about Fresh Fork is that there are so many different pick up locations.  You can pick up at any of them without notice that you are changing from your regular location.  We will regularly pick up on Fridays near our home, but since we weren’t able to get there this time, we picked up the following day at another location.

Our bag included, a whole chicken, collard greens, kale, kohlrabi, radishes, lettuce, garlic scapes and strawberries.  They have us extra garlic scapes because they ran out of pea tendrils.  We had planned on cooking our chicken that day, but were surprised to find that it was frozen so we had to change our plan.

We grilled some flank steak instead and used some of the garlic scapes in the marinade.  We love garlic and cook with it constantly, but had never used garlic scapes.  The newsletters that Fresh Fork sends out each week with recipes and information about the food is helpful, as is a good old fashioned Google search.  We found out that you can use garlic scapes in any dish where you would normally use garlic, and they can also be substituted for scallions or chives.  Garlic scape pesto seems to be a favorite of many, so we may try that with what we have left.

We used the lettuce and radishes in a fresh garden salad.

We made an anchovy butter and included some garlic scapes instead of scallions.  We spread it on french bread, toasted it and added some radishes.

We used the strawberries for dessert…

with a bit of shortcake…

and whipped cream.

The end result was pretty delicious!

Overall, we think we are off to a pretty good start.  OK, so maybe we played it a little safe with the salad, but the anchovy butter crostinis were definitely new for us, and we have a new appreciation for the radish!  Next up is a pasta dish that will incorporate kale, so stay tuned.


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