One Red Door

We’ve been to One Red Door in Hudson several times, but had yet to blog about it.  We recently dined there with some friends, and were very pleased with our meal as usual.

Ahi tuna tartar taco, wasabi guacamole, sesame ponzu

She said…This little taco from their Bites menu is one of my favorites.  I almost always order it when I’m there.  It’s fresh and full of flavor.

Roasted date stuffed with chorizo, manchego and wrapped in bacon, smoked tomato

She said…Another one of my go to items off the Bites menu.  So many places serve dates now, but I usually find them overwhelmingly sweet. This one has just the right amount of sweetness balanced with a little spicy kick.

Trout cake with salsa verde

He said…This was one of the specials of the night, and I was glad I ordered it.  I thought it was a great idea putting a strong tasting fish like trout in a cake.  The salsa verde sauce gave the dish a slight kick, however, it did not overwhelm the trout.  I would love if they made this a regular dish on the menu.

Butternut squash ravioli with mushrooms, chestnuts and brussel sprout leaves

She said…I’m a sucker for a butternut squash ravioli.  I became an addict of Wolfgang Puck’s version at his Miami restaurant when my parents lived in South Florida.  This one did not disappoint!  The pasta was fresh and well cooked, the squash sweet, and the accompaniments were tasty and original.

Flank steak, creamed potato and spinach

He said…This was the second time I’ve had this dish, and I was not disappointed.  I ordered the steak medium rare, and it came back perfectly cooked.  It was a quality cut of beef and very flavorful.  The creamed potato and spinach side was a perfect complement to the dish. This is definitely my “go to” dish at One Red Door.

Peanut butter pie

A nice, sweet ending to a very good meal.

We are definitely fans of One Red Door.  We stopped in for a drink last week and got a look at the new spring menu.  It looks great, and we can’t wait to head back and check out some of the new items.  Particularly the lobster roll!

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