Bay Lobsters Fish Market

We like to get our seafood at Bay Lobsters Fish Market in Twinsburg.  Everything is fresh and has no added chemicals such as colors, growth hormones or antibiotics.  Although we purchase seafood there regularly, we had yet to try their take out menu which includes a lobster roll.  We love lobster and look forward to a fresh lobster roll every summer when we vacation in Maine.  We usually save our lobster appetite for that trip since nothing can really measure up to that fresh, sweet Maine lobster.  But when that craving hits in the middle of winter, what’s lobster lover to do?  We decided to give the lobster roll at Bay Lobsters a try.  We were optimistic due to all the fresh, high quality seafood we’ve purchased there, but a little skeptical about how good a lobster roll could be in Northeast Ohio in February.

She said…Not bad!  Of course it’s not as good as the summer lobster rolls on the coast of Maine, but I certainly didn’t expect it to be.  The lobster is chopped into small pieces for a lobster salad type of consistency. This is different from the large pieces of lobster in the Maine lobster rolls we prefer, but the lobster tasted fresh, the bun was toasted as it should be and I would get this again!

He said…I went to Bay Lobsters the other night to pick up some fish (we grilled up some swordfish with a spicy pineapple slaw) when I noticed that they serve lobster rolls.  So for lunch the next day, we decided to give them a try. The lobster portion was generous, and overall it was pretty good. You get two sides with the sandwich, and we had the tater tots and corn.  Next time, I’m trying the hush puppies!

We highly recommend Bay Lobsters for fresh seafood, and if you’re dreaming of a mid-winter lobster roll…look no further!


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