Crop Bistro

We visited Crop a couple of times when it was located in the Warehouse District, but had yet to check out its new location in Ohio City.  We enjoyed the “Tour de Crop” (a chef’s choice tasting menu) on two separate occassions at the old location where we sat at the bar overlooking the kitchen and watched chef Steve Schimoler create some truly beautiful and delicious food.   So we were looking forward to checking out the new space and had pretty high expectations for the food.

First of all, the space is enormous and impressive.  From the ultra high and beautifully elaborate ceiling to the massive, striking mural over the lounge area, the space is unique with an elegant and stylish vibe.  The downside to such a large open space, however, is that it was rather loud and a little on the chilly side.

We went with some friends and inquired about doing the Tour de Crop, but they do not do it on Saturday nights without advance notice.  So we started with some appetizers.

Chile Deviled Eggs
Crisp Prosciutto

Roasted Beet
Orange, Herbs, Pistachios, Goat Cheese, Orange Basil Vinaigrette

Seared Scallops
Fried Polenta Cake, Sundried Tomato, Herbed Lobster Cream

Braised Pork Belly
Savory Malt Waffle, Apple Cherry Port Demi

She said…Overall, I thought all the appetizers were good, but the pork belly was exceptional.  The pairing with the waffle and the apple cherry port demi was unexpected and really tasty.  I enjoyed the deviled eggs, and thought the chipotle and chili powders gave them a distinct flavor.  The lobster cream on the scallops was a little heavy for me.  The flavors were very good, but I prefer lighter accompaniments with a delicate dish like scallops.

He said…The appetizers were the favorite part of my meal.  Of course, I had to order the pork belly and it was delicious. Selfishly, I wish I did not have to share!  I’ve had the deviled eggs before and they are one of my favorites.  Finally, I tried the beet salad, which was a little underwhelming.  I thought the beets could have been seasoned more.

Braised Short Ribs
Demi, Fondue Mac, Fresh Spinach, Asiago

She said…I was disappointed with this dish.  I was so looking forward to flavorful, fall off the bone short ribs, and these just didn’t meet my expectations.  If they had been tender, it would’ve made the dish a whole lot better, but I think the flavor was a little lacking also.  I don’t know what went wrong here.  I definitely expected more.  I don’t know if chef Schimoler was there that night (you can see into the open kitchen from the dining room, and I did not spot him that evening), but perhaps that was the difference since the food I previously had that he personally prepared put this dish to shame.

Duck Duck Chicken 
Seared Breast, Fried Egg, Duck Confit, Bacon, Sweet Potato Hash, Cranberry Demi

He said…I was excited when I saw this duck dish on the menu.  Who doesn’t like duck, bacon and a fried egg?  However, the dish was just OK for me.  I expected a flavorful dish, however, I was a little disappointed.  In particular, I didn’t care for the sweet potato hash, which overwhelmed the plate.


Cropper Nutter
Toasted Crème Fraiche Cake, Peanut Butter Mousse, Flamed Fluff, Salted Peanuts

She said…Yummy, I would order this again!

He said…Liked the Cropper Nutter.  Love the name even more.

Overall we are still fans of Crop and would return, but we hope the food hasn’t taken a back seat to the new fancy location.


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