Ranchero’s Taqueria

You probably wouldn’t stop at Rancheros Taqueria on Cuyahoga Falls Avenue in Akron if you hadn’t heard about it from someone who’s been there.  In our case, my parents started going there before there was even a dining room.  They would sit at the counter and watch chef David cook up his authentic Mexican food.  They raved about it, so we had to give it a try.  It’s not a fancy place, but they have expanded to include a dining room.

Chips and Chorizo Queso

Chorizo Enchiladas

She said…Everything is fresh and made to order.  It may take a little longer, but it’s worth the wait.  This is authentic Mexican food, and makes me never want to visit a chain Mexican restaurant again.  The margaritas are strong too!

He said…This was my first time at the restaurant.  After hearing good things about it, my expectations were pretty high.  I was immediately drawn to the Chorizo Queso on the menu and I’m glad we decided to try it.  The chorizo in the cheese was generous and it was spicy and delicious.  Because the chorizo was so good, we decided to order the Chorizo Enchiladas.  The enchiladas were prepared really well, and the corn tortilla stood up to the boldness of the chorizo.  Overall, I had a great dining experience the first time around and I’m excited to try more of their food.

Chef David is very friendly and loves to chat it up with his customers.  He told us next time we stop in he’ll whip us up some non menu items with whatever ingredients are fresh and inspiring that day.  We can’t wait!  This is our new go to Mexican place!

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