We’ve been wanting to try Noodlecat for a while now, and finally made it for dinner recently.  It was a Saturday night, downtown Cleveland seemed to be hopping, but Noodlecat was dead.  We were surprised at how few people were dining there on a Saturday night.  The atmosphere is very casual.  Maybe it’s meant to be more of a lunch destination?  We’re not sure, but we really enjoyed the food.

We started with a few appetizers

Chilled Spinach and Seseme with soy and seseme dressing

BBQ Ohio pork steam bun with pickled onions and scallions

Ohio beef burger steam bun with maggi mayo, power ketchup and iceberg

She said…The steam buns (Japanese white bread stuffed and served sandwich style) were fantastic. He had the pork, of course. I had the beef.  They were both equally good, and I could’ve easily slammed down a few more of these little pillows of deliciousness!

He said…I was excited when I saw the Chilled Spinach and Sesame dish.  When I lived in Chicago, there was a great Japanese restaurant called Sanko, which served a sesame spinach dish called Gomae.  I really liked this version.  The spinach was very crisp and the soy and sesame dressing gave a nice sweetness to the dish.  My BBQ Pork steamed bun was delicious.  The barbecue pork was cooked nicely and it was a nice twist on an Asian street food.

We both had noodle dishes that were specials that evening.

She said…Mine had octopus and a spicy chile sauce.  It had very bold flavors, which I loved.  The noodles were perfectly cooked, the ingredients all fresh and delicious.  I’d expect nothing less from chef Sawyer.

He said…I had a noodle dish with a miso broth that had pork belly, brussels sprouts and peanuts.  Naturally, I was drawn to this dish because it had pork belly.  While the dish was good, I was a little disappointed that I could not taste the pork in the dish.  Also, I did not expect as much broth.  I thought it would be similar to the octopus dish, which was fantastic.

We would definitely head back to Noodlecat.  If we worked downtown, it would certainly be on our rotation for lunch.  The steam buns alone are worth the trip!

Noodlecat on Urbanspoon


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