Goose Island Beer Dinner

We recently attended a beer dinner held at DeepWood Restaurant in the Short North area of Columbus featuring Goose Island Beer.  Goose Island Beer Company is a craft brewery in Chicago that’s been around since 1988.  We sat with Lindsey from Goose Island and with some of Colin Vent’s family (sous chef at DeepWood who developed the menu and prepared the food for the evening) so we got lots of information about both the beer and the food!

Red Snapper Ceviche with citrus-butternut squash-scallion-honey crisp

She said…This was served with Sofie, Saison.  I loved the bold citrus flavors in both the beer and the ceviche.  This is a beer that I had never tried before, but will definitely seek out now that I have.  The heat in the ceviche was a nice balance to all the citrus flavors.

He said…I thought this paring was spot on.  The red snapper was beautifully prepared. The tartness of the dish did not overwhelm the freshness of the fish, and the beer only accentuated the citrus flavors of the dish.  A great start to the evening.

Mustard & Apricot Glazed Beef Cheek with bone marrow-pain perdu-argro dolce

She said…This was served with Matilta, Beligian Style-Strong Pale Ale.  I thought the dish and the beer complimented each other well, but the dish was a little too sweet for me on its own. The beef cheek did not have that melt in your mouth tenderness that I have previously experienced, but the little french toast under the beef cheek was delicious and added a nice texture to the dish.

He said…The only beef cheek I’ve ever had is the beef cheek pierogi at Lola, which I like very much.  So I was excited to taste another preparation.  I liked that this dish focused on the meat.  The bone marrow that accompanied the dish was great as was the pain perdu. The only thing I didn’t like about the dish was the apricot glaze, which was a little too sweet.  As for the beer, I really liked the pairing.  Matilda is one of my favorite beers and has a distinct spice to it.

Bison Patty Stuffed with Gouda & Foie Gras with Crisp Mixed Risotto-Mustard Green-Ancho-Fig

She said…This was served with Pere Jaques, Dubbel.  I enjoyed this pairing.  The Bison Patty was juicy and flavorful.  The crispy risotto cake under the patty was my favorite part of the dish.  I loved the texture and the flavor.

He said…This was probably my favorite dish of the night.  The bison was cooked perfectly and the crispy risotto cake was delicious.  Most of all, I loved the gouda and foie gras stuffing in the patty.  I thought the beer and food pairing was just OK.  The boldness of the beer was a little overwhelming for this dish.  I think the beer would be perfect with a spicier dish.

Goat Yogurt Mousse, Pear Sorbet & Honey-Pine Nut Tuille

She said…This was served with Fleur, Hibiscus Infused Belgian Style Pale Ale.  I liked the beer, and the goat yogurt mousse was to die for!  The whole table was talking about wanting more of it!

He said…The Fleur was a very interesting beer.  The hibiscus flavor was reminiscent of tea. The goat yogurt mousse was fantastic and a perfect filling for the tuille.

Duck Egg Scramble with House-Made Boudin Noir Sausage-Pumpernicket Toast, Black Sesame-Creamed Spinach

She said…this was served with Pepe Nero, Farmhouse Ale.  The beer was the darkest of the evening and had a touch of black pepper taste to it.  The taste was surprisingly lighter than what I expected, but still not one of my favorites as I tend toward the lighter, fruitier beers.  The dish was my least favorite of the night.  The toast was a little hard and difficult to cut.  The sausage had a nice flavor, but the soft consistency of the inside was a little unappealing for me.

He said…I was excited to taste this dish because of the sausage, however, I was a little disappointed.  I didn’t think the sausage was very flavorful, especially compared to the harissa sausage that I had the previous week at The Refinery.  On the other hand, the duck egg scramble was delicious…Who doesn’t like eggs for dinner?  Also, I really liked the Pepe Nero.  The combination of the beer’s black pepper taste and the eggs was delicious.

Chocolate Pot De Creme Brulee with Chocolate-Pistachio Biscotti and Pickled Cherry

She said…This was served with Madame Rose, Belgian Style Brown Ale.  I really enjoyed this beer with the rich chocolaty dessert.  I don’t think I would drink this beer on its own, but the two really complemented each other.  The dessert itself was tasty, but the consistency was a little thin.

He said…This beer was a flemish red, which had an interesting sour taste.  It was a nice pairing with the dessert, which was very sweet.  As She mentioned above, I wasn’t crazy about the consistency.  However, I loved the biscotti.

The Beers from left to right Sofie, Matilda, Pere Jaques, Fleur, Pepe Nero, and Madame Rose

Overall we really enjoyed the evening.  They really did an awesome job with the pairings.  Even if we didn’t love every dish or every beer, the beer and food truly complimented one another.  We will definitely be drinking more Goose Island Beers, and based on the talents of chef Vent, we would certainly recommend DeepWood if you’re in the Columbus area.


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