Foodie Nightmare

We just returned from Disney World (Magic Kingdom), and while the pure delight in our daughter’s eyes was well worth the trip, it’s certainly not the happiest place on earth for foodies.  Of course, you don’t expect much when dining at a huge theme park, but some of the food at Cinderella’s Royal Table was royally unappealing.  I guess they feel like they have to give you something “fancy” to go along with that royal price tag.  I suppose it was worth the price ($140 plus tax for lunch for 2 adults and 1 child) to watch our daughter meet her beloved princesses, but we would have been much happier with a simple, well executed meal.

Chef’s Plate with crispy baguette, hummus, and salad with fresh mozzarella, tomato and prosciutto

She said..this was not too bad, and had me hoping for a better meal than I initially expected.

When we saw the menu choices for the adult menu (vegetarian cassoulet, nicoise salad, pork 3 ways, and fried chicken) we thought the safest route was the chicken.

He said…the chicken was almost inedible.  It was rubbery and had a very strange flavor to it.  The mac and cheese also tasted strange to me.  Holy breadcrumbs…they must have had at least a cup in my serving!  And I’m all for a flavorful cheese, but this was just weird.

Kids chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, corn, grapes and cheese

She said…the kids meal was definitely better, which I guess is good for a place that caters to kids (but then again, who’s paying the bill?).  The kids chicken was actually better than ours!

Chocolate Pyramid

He said…I liked this dessert.  It was creamy and chocolaty and pretty much the highlight of the meal for me.

Kids cupcake with do-it-yourself decorations

She said…I don’t know how this tasted, but our daughter had fun decorating it and eating all the icing!

If you do go to Magic Kingdom and your little ones just must have a meal with the princesses, we recommend the breakfast (which we did last year) at Cinderella’s Royal Table as opposed to the lunch.

To sum up…don’t go to Disney for the food, but you already knew that!


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