Fire Food and Drink

She said…I recently had brunch at Fire in Shaker Square with some friends.  I’m a fan of Fire and have been there several times before, but only once for brunch.

Fire Benedict with housemade english muffin, serrano ham, poached eggs and hollandaise

I love eggs benedict, but I’m pretty picky about where I will order it.  At your typical breakfast places the eggs are always overcooked, the meat fatty and the english muffin soggy.  Not the case at Fire.  The eggs were perfectly poached.  The english muffin was crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.  The ham was tender and had just the right saltiness.  This was so close to being one of the best eggs benedict dishes I had ever had.  But, the hollandaise kept it from reaching that perfection.  I was so hoping for that lemony burst of flavor, and the lack of it left me a little disappointed.  I’m still searching for that perfect benedict.

Egg Sandwhich with clay bread, local fried eggs, bacon, lettuce tomato and homefries

My friend had the Egg Sandwhich, and while she said there was nothing really wrong with it, there wasn’t anything special about it either.  The answer to that telling question..”would you order it again?” was “no.”

Conclusion…I think of Fire as more of a dinner destination and recommend it for anyone who hasn’t been there.  There are a few items on the brunch menu that I wouldn’t mind trying (such as the almond stuffed french toast or the mushroom pizza with gruyere cheese and carmelized onions).  Even though I didn’t find that perfect benedict, I would certainly go back.

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