Pig Roast at Lolita

We have been to Lolita before, but hadn’t made it for the pig roast that they have every Tuesday night.  We finally made it there last week.  We weren’t sure what to expect, but it’s simply one of the specials prepared with different accompaniments each week.

Roast pork with tomato risotto

She said…This was delicious!  The pork was so tender, juicy and flavorful.  I also loved the risotto with it.  It was very creamy and a perfect compliment to the pork.

He said…I enjoyed the dish.  Most of the pork was dark meat, which I liked.  I would have loved if they included some pork belly with my portion, however, the crackling was the highlight of the dish for me.  The risotto was just OK for me.  I would have preferred roasted potatoes or vegetables with the pork.

We also tried the Duck Prosciutto Pizza with organic egg, parmesan cheese & rosemary

She said…I would not order this again.  The crust was great, but the rest was just lacking in flavor

He said…I liked the pizza.  Who doesn’t like anything with a fried egg on top!  However, I wish the duck prosciutto was more flavorful.

A few appetizers were shared by the table

Crispy Chicken Livers with polenta, mushrooms & bacon

She said… Utterly fantastic!

He said…This dish was my favorite of the night.  The chicken livers were cooked perfectly. I thought the creamy polenta was awesome.

Roasted Dates with almonds, chiles, bacon, parsley

She said…I wasn’t a huge fan of these.  I couldn’t taste enough of the other flavors to balance out the sweetness of the dates.

He said…I liked the dates.  The savory bacon and the sweet dates made a nice combination.

Lamb Keftedes with lemon, mint, feta, yogurt & cucumber

She said…I really liked these greek meatballs.  I’m a big fan of greek flavors, and these were perfectly balanced.

He said…I must be on a lamb kick because I ordered a lamb burger last weekend (see Harvest post).  I really enjoyed this dish and could have finished the plate myself!

Dessert was shared by the table as well.

Chocolate Pot de Creme

She said…creamy, chocolatey & good

He said…Really tasty.  A perfect way to end the evening.

Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato

She said…The flavor was good, but the consistency was icy & unappealing.

He said…I wasn’t a big fan of the gelato.

We recommend Lolita any time, but if you can get there on a Tuesday night and check out the pig roast, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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