Harvest Kitchen

Solon isn’t exactly known as a dining destination, so when we heard about Harvest Kitchen we were hopeful and excited to give it a try.  We headed there with some friends on a Saturday night.  The place was lively and inviting.

Heirloom Beets with Nueske smoked bacon, pickled onions, roasted tomato and Maytag blue cheese dressing

She said…I was so disappointed with this salad.  It sounded like it would be bursting with flavor, and it just fell flat.  All those bold ingredients, I just can’t understand how this salad could be bland, but it was.

Pan Roast of Canadian Cove Mussels with spring peas, roasted tomato, shallots, coconut milk, basil, lime leaf and yellow curry

He said…These were great!  I loved the curry broth, not too spicy but packed with flavor.  I also really liked the peas in the broth.  After the table demolished the dish, I asked for some bread to finish the broth!

Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna Shashimi with wakame, togarashi, Pacific Farms wasabi and soy caramel

She said…I didn’t particularly care for this dish.  The tuna was high quality, but the sweetness of the soy caramel just overpowered the whole dish for me.

Pumpkin Ravioli with Lobster

She said…I was so looking forward to this dish that was a special that evening.  There were good things about the dish.  The lobster was fresh and sweet.  The pasta was well cooked and the flavors were very nice.  However, the pumpkin in the ravioli had no taste whatsoever.  I was so craving that pumpkin flavor, and the blandness of the ravioli left me unsatisfied.

Pat LaFrieda Lamb Burger with Duck Fat Fries with rocket, roasted tomato, McKenzie Creamery goat cheese and garlic aioli

He said…I thought I’d give this burger a try (earlier in the day, I just finished a 12 oz. steak at a fundraiser and I wasn’t in the mood for more beef!) and I wasn’t disappointed.  I ordered the burger “medium” and it was cooked perfectly.  The roasted tomato and goat cheese gave the burger a distinct Mediterranean flavor, which was unique.  I definitely would order this again.  Also, the fries were very tasty.  What doesn’t taste great fried in duck fat?

She said…Although I wasn’t overly thrilled with my choices, I tasted the mussels, the lamb burger and the fries and agree that they were all very good.

He said…I tasted the beet salad and the lobster ravioli and agree that both dishes were a bit lacking in the flavor department.

Overall we liked Harvest Kitchen and would probably try it again.  The service left a little to be desired.  Our server did not seem very knowledgeable about the menu and gave off the impression that she really did not want to be there.  Although some of the dishes weren’t great, we can see the potential.  It is certainly a welcome addition to the otherwise non-existent Solon dining scene.

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