Taste of Hudson

We headed out to Taste of Hudson this weekend despite the less than perfect weather.  If the lines indicated anything, Nosh & Flip Side were the stars of the show.  Here are the best of the bunch in our opinion.

She said…This Firecracker Shrimp from Nosh was the best dish overall in my opinion.  The shrimp were flawlessly cooked, the wontons were crispy and the flavors were strong but not overpowering.  It would be easy to screw up this dish when cooking for the kind of crowd that was lined up for Nosh’s food (and in a little food tent away from the comforts of your kitchen).  I almost expected overcooked shrimp and soggy wontons, but was very pleasantly surprised.  The two other people with us that tried this dish also thought it was the highlight of the day.

He said…This Mac-N-Cheese with Beef Brisket from One Red Door was my favorite dish of the weekend.  I may have been partial since today was an unseasonably cool day; almost fall-like, and I was in the mood for comfort food.  The mac-n-chesse was creamy and the cheese was distinct but not overpowering.  The brisket was tender and had a nice smoky flavor and surprisingly provided a nice complement to the mac-n-cheese.  The pasta was nicely cooked as well (and we all know a mushy noodle can completely ruin a dish).  I could have eaten a huge bowl of this.

She said…The Shrimp Taco from One Red Door was also one of my favorites.  The tortilla was soft and fresh.  The shrimp were well cooked, and the clean, bright flavors of the corn salsa totally made the dish.  I think it was an advantage for One Red Door to have their booth right outside their restaurant.  They were able to run out food from their kitchen.

He said…I also really enjoyed the Brisket Sandwich from Nosh (I must have had a craving for good brisket this weekend!).  Similar to the Mac-N-Cheese, the brisket was very tender.  I really enjoyed the slaw on the sandwich, which gave it a nice texture and a punch of flavor.  As always, the bread is the key to a great sandwich and this was no exception.  The sourdough was nice and crunchy and the tanginess of the bread was perfect for this sandwich.

They said…This Raspberry and Peach Cobbler from Nosh was exceptional.  This dessert was better than many we have had in high priced restaurants.  Nice job Nosh!

We have been hearing about a new pizza place coming to Hudson where the old San Francisco Oven was located.  Lunedi had a booth, but unfortunately no pizza on the menu.  We were not really in the mood for meatballs or any of the other items on their menu.  We’re not sure what the menu will be like when they open, but stay tuned.


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