AMP 150

We’ve been hearing a lot about chef Jeff Jarrett lately, and have tasted a small sampling of his food at events like Dinner in the Dark and Six Courses for a Cure.  We finally had the chance to check out his restaurant, AMP 150.  We went on a Friday evening with some friends and indulged in the 6 course chef’s choice menu.  This was not your typical tasting menu with each diner getting the same thing for each course.  There was a ton of food and a ton of variety (at least 3 different dishes per course).  There were 6 of us so they brought out 2 of each dish and we all shared family style.  It was about a 3 hour dinner and we all left totally stuffed!

We started with a little Gazpacho and Chicken Liver Pate

She said…I really enjoyed the clean, fresh flavor of the gazpacho.  It was perfectly seasoned and a great start to the meal.  The pate was a different story for me.  I guess I’m just not a big fan of pate in general, but I didn’t care for the whipped, creamy texture of this or the combination of the jam.

He said…I liked the gazpacho.  The flavors were nicely balanced.  I was excited about trying the pate because I like chicken liver.  The flavor was good, however, like She, I did not care for the creamy texture.

First Course

Braised Rabbit with spaetzle, speck ham, tarragon and peas

Black Mussels with chinese sausage, lemongrass, plum wine, coconut milk & ginger cilantro

Edamame Falafel with pickled cucumber, kalamata olive, preserved lemon, & greek yogurt

She said…I really liked all 3 of these dishes that made up the first course, but the mussels were the highlight for me.  That broth was so bold and wonderful!

He said… I thought all three dishes were strong, however, the braised rabbit dish was outstanding and my favorite dish of the night.  The rabbit was tender and the spaetzle was cooked perfectly.  The speck ham gave the dish a nice savory flavor.  The mussels were very good.  I agree with She, the broth was great.  I wanted to ask for a couple of pieces of bread to sop up the broth!

Second Course

Beet Salad with goat cheese fondue, candied pistachios & local greens

Crispy Calamari Salad with frisee lettuce, Lake Erie Creamery feta, olives & watermelon

There was a third salad that I didn’t get a picture of (so much food, I was losing track)!  It was the tomato panzanella with local tomatoes, croutons, greens, manchego & saba.

She said…The beets were fantastic (and we all know how I feel about goat cheese)!  So this dish was a winner in my book.  The real stand out in this course though was the calamari salad.  It was just different, and the flavors worked well together.  I didn’t taste the third salad, but the others at the table seemed to enjoy it.

He said…I really enjoyed the tomato panzanella (I made a huge dent in the dish before She could get a picture!), which highlighted the freshness of the local produce.  As I’ve written before, I have recently re-discovered beets.  The beets in the salad were very fresh and delicious.

Third Course

Pan Seared Hake with bouillabaisse, shrimp, clams & mussels

Seared Scallops with eggplant, caponata & citrus

Herb Crusted Trout with local beans, tomato & avocado

She said…I had never tasted hake before.  It is very heavy and kind of chewy.  I didn’t find it very flavorful and just couldn’t get past the consistency.  I always enjoy a good scallop.  These were perfectly cooked, and I liked the eggplant that accompanied the dish.  For me, the best dish of the 3 was the trout.  Perfectly cooked and seasoned, crispy on the outside and that avocado puree…delicious!

He said…My second favorite dish of the night was the trout.  I thought the flavors were spot-on, especially the avocado puree.  I agree with She, the hake was just OK for me.

Fourth Course

Risotto with local corn, shrimp & local ramps

Mushroom Pappardelle with mushroom ragu, crispy pork belly & truffle

Pasta Al Ceppo with eggplant confit, roasted peppers, pine nuts & arugula

She said…The pasta course is usually my favorite course.  I enjoyed the Risotto.  I loved the fresh corn in it.  The pasta al ceppo was my favorite.  The pasta was perfectly al dente, and the eggplant confit was a little bit tangy, a little bit sweet and a whole lot tasty.

He said… I enjoyed the mushroom pappardelle the most of the three pasta dishes.  I thought the mushroom ragu was really good.  However, the crispy pork belly (of course) was the highlight of the dish.  I wish I could’ve had a bowl of the crispy treats for myself!

Fifth Course

Smoked Bone In Pork Chop with garden succotash, tasso ham & black pepper gastrique

Roasted Free Range Chicken with charred local squash & feta vinaigrette

Marinated Flank Steak with spring garlic potatoes & onion soubise

She said…I liked the flavor of the black pepper gastrique with the pork chop, however, the succotash had some pieces of okra that I couldn’t even chew because they were so tough.  The chicken was heavenly.  The crispy outside, the juicy inside and the bold flavor of the vinaigrette…I loved it!  I didn’t care much for the flank steak. I know flank steak is a tougher cut of beef, but this was a little too tough for me.

He said…I liked all three meat courses (would you expect anything different from a meat lover?).  The smokiness of the pork chop gave the dish a very distinct flavor.  The chicken was my favorite.  I loved the crispiness of the chicken and the dish is definitely something I would order again.

Sixth Course

Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake


Chocolate Cake

Milk Chocolate Pana Cotta

Lemon Flan

She said…The beignets were delectable, my favorite of the desserts by far.  Next was the pana cotta.  There was also a peach turnover that I didn’t get a picture of, but it was very good as well.

He said…Six different desserts….are you kidding me!  Surprisingly, my favorite dessert was the strawberry rhubarb shortcake.  The combination of the whipped cream, fresh rhubarb and the shortcake was very nice.  I also really enjoyed the pana cotta.

They have a very extensive beer list, and there was quite a bit of tasting going on at our table.  He particularly liked the Left Hand Stranger American Pale Ale.  There were some great wines by the glass as well, and She enjoyed the smooth, hearty Ghost Pines Cabernet.  Overall this was a very enjoyable dining experience.  The service was very good.  It was great to be able to try such a wide variety of dishes.  We will surely be back to AMP 150.

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