Return to Nosh

We recently had the chance to go back to Nosh Eatery to sit down for breakfast.

She said…I was anxious to try the Pistachio French Toast with mascarpone, berries, goat cheese whip cream and Ohio maple syrup.  I wasn’t disappointed.  If I had any criticism, it was that I couldn’t taste the goat cheese in the whip cream (my obsession with goat cheese continues).  Nosh has what we feel has been missing in Hudson as far as breakfast food…something different and interesting that goes beyond your ordinary eggs, bacon and pancakes. These flavors, along with the fresh, quality ingredients just take french toast to a higher level.

He said…I chose the “Wake and Bake” which consisted of 2 eggs, cured ham, applewood bacon, tomato, lettuce, white truffle and boursin cheese on baked sourdough.  I love a good breakfast sandwich (who doesn’t like a sandwich with fried eggs and bacon?) and this one will be a favorite of mine.  All the components to the sandwich worked well together, and the white truffle put the sandwich over the top.  The eggs were cooked perfectly.  The cured ham and applewood bacon gave the sandwich a distinct savory taste.  Finally, a sandwich is only as good as the bread, and the tanginess of the sourdough brought the sandwich together nicely.

Unfortunately, the awesome goat cheese and sweet tomato jam bagel that I previously blogged about is no longer on the menu.  Bummer!

Look for “Return to Nosh Again” when we get there for lunch!

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