Another place we checked out on our way up to Lake Ontario was Tempo in the Elmwood Village area of Buffalo.  Tempo is owned by Mark Hutchenson, who also owns Hutch’s, another popular Buffalo restaurant.

It was a gorgeous night, and we sat on the patio.  There was a duo singing and playing guitar which added some nice ambiance.  The menu was upscale Italian and also featured several steak dishes.  Our server also brought us a separate menu featuring the specials that evening, which really grabbed our attention.

Beet Salad

He said…The beet salad was OK for me.  I would have preferred a stronger cheese with the salad.  In addition, the beets were not seasoned enough for me.

She said…I agree.  This was described as beet salad with aged goat cheese.  The shaved cheese on top of the salad did not taste like goat cheese.  In fact, it had very little taste at all.  The beets where very fresh, but the dish overall was under seasoned.

Surf and Turf

He said…I’m a sucker for a great steak.  It’s even better when paired with a succulent piece of lobster.  I was a little leery ordering this dish at first.  We travel at least once a year to Maine, and I’ve become very picky when it comes to lobster.  So when the server mentioned that the special was a Surf and Turf featuring Maine lobster, I thought I’d give it a shot.  I’m glad I did.  The lobster was very fresh and was delicious.  I probably would have been happy just ordering the lobster.  However, the filet was icing on the cake. While it was a little more well-done than I would have preferred, the steak was seasoned well. Overall, the dish was very good.

Lobster Risotto

She said…I enjoyed this dish.  The lobster was fresh and sweet.  The risotto was accompanied by fresh sweet corn, apple wood smoked bacon, mascarpone cheese and fresh scallion.  It was definitely very rich, but the flavors worked well together.

Sour Cream Chocolate Cake

She said…there are not many chocolate cakes that I don’t like.  This one was no exception. The cake was moist, the ganache velvety and not too sweet, the berries fresh and tart. The perfect end to the meal.

He said…After the huge steak and lobster, I didn’t think that I’d have room to share dessert.  However, sharing is a very relative term for her when it comes to chocolate!  A few bites were plenty to satisfy my sweet tooth and top off a great meal.

She said…Don’t mess with my chocolate!

Tempo on Urbanspoon


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