Now That’s a Chicken Wing!

If you have never had a chicken wing made in or around Buffalo, we dare say you do not know a good chicken wing!  These came from Whiskey Hill Saloon in Cassadaga, New York.  We recently stopped in on our way to Lake Ontario.

She said…I am originally from Western New York, so I know a thing or two about chicken wings.  And I know that it is very difficult to get a decent one here in Northeast Ohio.  I save up my chicken wing appetite for when I return to New York to visit family.  This trip, the Whiskey Hill wings totally satisfied the craving!  Crispy, juicy, flavorful!  Crispy being the most important…what is up with the soggy, rubbery wings around here?  The homemade bleu cheese dressing on the side is almost as important as the wing itself in my book.

He said…I used to be skeptical about the wings being so much better in Buffalo.  How could it be so different?  It’s only a few hours away.  Then I tasted them and nothing in this area comes close!  Most people would make excuses NOT to visit your spouse’s family out of town.  Not me.  Not with the best wings in the world being a short drive away!


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