I stopped by Nosh Eatery in Hudson the other day, just to quickly check it out.  This is strictly a She said post, as He was feeling under the weather and not eating much this week.  We tasted some of chef Rick Carson’s food at the Hudson Wine Festival and blogged about it a few weeks ago.  We were impressed and looking forward to a new and different option in Hudson.

Nosh just opened on August 8th.  It’s a cute little space with a few tables for eating in, but primarily a grab and go type of place.  They are open for breakfast and lunch, and they also offer some options for prepared take home items before they close at 6pm.  I wish I would have had the time and the appetite to sit down and try some of the items on the breakfast menu, such as the Pistachio French Toast with mascarpone, berries, goat cheese whip cream and Ohio maple syrup.  I’ll surely head back to check that out.

I settled for an Everything Bagel with Goat Cheese Spread and Sweet Tomato Jam and took it to go.

I loved it!  The bagel was so fresh and delicious.  It was so much better than what the chain bagel places have to offer.  The combo of the creamy goat cheese and the sweetness of the tomato jam was perfect.  There are many sandwich and salad items on the menu that look interesting and worth a try, like the Udan Noodle Salad and The Big Brisket sandwich. Chef Carson’s fresh, quality ingredients and unique flavor combinations have us looking forward to trying many more items from his menu.  We are also looking forward to his participation at Six Courses for a Cure on Friday, August 19th where he will join five other area chefs in preparing a gourmet dinner, the proceeds of which will go to the Meredith A. Cowden Foundation.  The Foundation will use the proceeds to help fund a medical symposium on Graft v. Host Disease, a complication of a lifesaving bone marrow transplant.


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