Salt of the Earth

We just returned from vacationing in the Saugatuck, Michigan area.  The culinary scene leaves a little to be desired, but we did find this great place in the little town of Fennville. Maybe it was the joy of being on vacation or all the sunshine and fresh air, but we actually agreed on everything when it came to this restaurant.

Salt of the Earth Rustic American Eatery and Bakery was an awesome find.  We had a terrific dining experience.  This drink, called a sage rub, started things off on the right foot. Made with gin, house made sour mix, fresh sage and Alize Gold Passion, it was unique and delicious.  We will definitely be trying our hand at a copycat version soon!

Of course he ordered the Pork Belly, and of course he liked it!

We agreed that the Cream of Lobster Soup was our least favorite.  It lacked in seasoning and lobster flavor and it was not very hot.

We also agreed that the Chicken Bolognese was one of the highlights of the meal.  The pasta was fresh and cooked perfectly.  The meat was tender and juicy.  The sauce was flavorful. This dish just totally worked.  We contemplated ordering another one!

The Scallops were very good.  They were cooked well, and the grapefruit and jalapeno were a great compliment.  Our only complaint was that the dish was not quite hot enough when served.

The other highlight, believe it or not, Brussel Sprouts!  They don’t look that appetizing in this photo, but man were they delicious!  Served crispy with bacon and balsamic, these were just amazing!

Dessert did not disappoint either.  Banana bread with nutella ice cream.  Yum!

We also agree that a server can totally make or break your dining experience.  Thank you Bridget for making ours a great one!  If we lived in the area, this place would be on our regular rotation!

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