Hudson Weekend

What a beautiful summer weekend here in Northeast Ohio.  We spent Saturday enjoying downtown Hudson.  There was so much going on there this weekend.  We also attended the Hudson Wine Festival, which we’ll be blogging about in a future post.  We had different ideas about lunch.

She said…

Treats from the Hudson Farmer’s Market.  A crispy baguette from Great Lakes Bakery. Creamy goat cheese from Lucky Penny Creamery. Sweet cherries.  Dipping oil made from Thaxton garlic. Cookies & Cream Chocolate from Sweets by Dilley.  Delicious!

He said…

FlipSide.  The best burger around (and yes, that means better than B Spot).  This is the Green Eggs & Ham Burger with prosciutto, fried egg, warm spinach, crispy parmesan and basil mayo.  FlipSide uses Ohio raised premium grass fed beef to create their delicious, juicy burgers.  Their draft beer selection is great too.  She likes the Raging Bitch (no comment), and I prefer the Victory Prima Pils.


One thought on “Hudson Weekend

  1. I have been wanting to try Flip Side, I will for sure now. My taste is more like the ‘he’, of the ‘he said she said’ . However, I will be trying ‘her’ choice of beers.

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