Plated Landscape Dinner

This past Friday we attended a unique event presented by Spice of Life Catering Co. at Brunty Farms in Bath Township.  Spice of Life presents several plated landscape dinners at different locations throughout the Northeast Ohio area.  About 40 diners, including Jeff and Melanie who live on the farm and run the entire farm operation, enjoyed 6 courses prepared by Chef Ben Bebenroth with much of the menu coming straight from the farm.

Chilled Beet Soup

She said…I enjoyed the flavors and textures of the soup.  The goat cheese was delicious.  In fact, I would have liked a little more of it to balance out the sweetness of the beets.

He said…I recently discovered a love of beets and really enjoyed the soup.  For me, there was plenty of goat cheese.  Two things that She can never have enough of…goat cheese and chocolate.

Farmers Market Salad

She said…I thought it could use a little more flavor, either a bolder dressing or more seasoning.

He said…I loved the greens, which came from the farm and were very fresh.  I would have liked the salad even more if the egg was poached instead of crumbled in the salad.

Pappardelle with oyster mushrooms, chard and parmesan

She said…This was disappointing for me.  The pasta was overcooked and there was too much of it in comparison to the other ingredients.

He said…I liked the pasta, which was a generous portion.  The oyster mushrooms were delicious.

Crispy Chicken Thigh

She said…I loved the crispy skin.  Yum!

He said…This course was just OK for me.  The skin was very crispy, which I love.  However, the dish was under seasoned for me.


She said…I didn’t like this at all.  It was overcooked to the point of being dry.

He said…I love a good pork dish, however, I have to agree with She, the dish was overcooked for me.  I would’ve loved a pork belly dish to take advantage of the product.

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee with cherries

She said…I am usually a purist when it comes to creme brulee, one of my favorite desserts.  It is good enough to stand on its own and doesn’t need fancy flavors or extras.  That being said, I actually did enjoy the cherries on this one.

He said…Creme brulee is not one of my favorite desserts, however, this ended the meal on a nice note.  (The dessert looked so inviting, I had to take a bite before I took the picture…) The cherries were delicious and made the dessert for me.

We both agree that the atmosphere was fun and unique, the service very good (laid back yet professional), and we enjoyed the company of the other diners.


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