Thanks to a good review by Jeff and Michele Eat Cleveland, we decided to try Michaelangelo’s in Little Italy.  We are so glad we did.  It is a little gem that we didn’t know existed.





He said…Who doesn’t enjoy fried food!  I liked the combination of the artichoke and crab and thought the roasted red pepper puree was a nice complement.  However, the carpaccio was easily the star of the evening.  The combination of the components tasted fresh and delicious.  It’s definitely a dish I would go back for.

She said…The fried artichokes were interesting.  I liked the concept, and I really wanted to like them, but I found them to be a little bland.  Maybe it was because the carpaccio was so bursting with flavor.  This is the best beef carpaccio that I have ever had.  The flavors were so fresh and bright.  I loved every bite!







He said…I thought two of the pasta dishes were excellent, but the sacchetti al tartufo was my favorite.  The dish was very rich and I’m not sure I could have finished an entree size portion by myself, but it was the standout of the three that we tried.  My next favorite was the ravioli, however, I’m partial to any dish with mushrooms.  Last, I thought the bolognese was a tad under-seasoned.

She said…My favorite of the three pasta dishes was by far the ricotta and black truffle.  It was utterly amazing!  The pasta was so fresh and perfectly cooked in all the dishes, but that cream sauce was so creamy and decadent, it surpassed the others in overall satisfaction for me.  The veal ravioli was also good.  I liked the earthiness of the mushrooms and the overall saltiness (but not too much) of the dish.  The bolognese was my least favorite of the three.  There just wasn’t as much flavor in the sauce as I had expected.  I prefer the bolognese at Dante, which is full of that rich, meaty flavor.

After all of that food and a great bottle of Brunello to go along with it, we were stuffed and happy.  The service was fantastic, and we also really liked the atmosphere. We will definitely be back!

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Bistro on Main

She said…

We’ve been to Bistro on Main in Kent on a few occasions, and have had good experiences.  My mom and I stopped in for a late lunch recently.  We shared a salad and a sandwich.


Seared Scallop and Baby Spinach Salad with crispy smoked bacon, green onion vinaigrette, crumbled feta cheese and pine nuts

We enjoyed the salad.  All the components were fresh and worked well together.  The only flaw was that we were expecting a little more in the way of scallops.


Grilled Ham and Cheese – slow braised pulled pork shoulder, fontina and gruyere cheese, marble rye

This had the chance to be such a great sandwich, but fell a little flat because the pork was not seasoned.  We added some salt, which helped a bit.  It was juicy and tender, but disappointing because it could have been so much better.

We’ve always had good service here, and this lunch was no exception.  We like the atmosphere in the cozy bar as well.  Although the meal wasn’t perfect, we like Bistro on Main and will go back.

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We were looking for a late night dinner on a recent Friday night, and decided on Moe’s in Cuyahoga Falls.  We’ve been to Moe’s many times over the years, and it’s always a good experience.  We like that you can have an upscale meal in a casual atmosphere on the bar side of the restaurant.


He said…This was a very rich late night meal!  The salmon was cooked and seasoned well.   The pasta was a goat cheese ravioli, which according to our server, was from Ohio City Pasta.  The ravioli was delicious, however, it was a little over done.  Also, as you can see from the picture, there was a lot of oil and butter in the sauce.  Overall, it was a solid dish, but not something that I would order right before I went to bed!


She said…I really liked this dish.  The gnudi (ricotta dumplings) were pillowy and delicious. I love brussels sprouts, and these were perfectly cooked and well seasoned.  I would’ve given this dish an A+ if it would’ve arrived at the table hot.  It was warm at best, but still tasty.  I had a glass of Troublemaker, a hearty red blend recommended by our server, which I really enjoyed.  I appreciate a server with a personality and a good recommendation.

We’ve had consistently good food and good service at Moe’s.  We recommend it.

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Jeni Jones

We’ve been jonesing for some Jenis’s ice cream!  There are several of their signature flavors that you can get at the grocery store, but to partake in their perennial flavors and experience their newest brilliant flavor combinations, you have to go to the source.  A few new tasty flavors at our favorite ice cream place

Double-Toasted Coconut with sea salt

Sweet Potato with torched marshmallows

Banana Cajeta


The Banana Cajeta was our favorite of these three.  Cajeta is a goat’s milk caramel.  The combination of the fresh banana taste and the creamy caramel was a winner.  Our daughter usually gets the Milkiest Chocolate or the Salty Caramel, but she recently branched out to the Dark Chocolate Peppermint and declared it the new favorite!


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We love overnight date night!  We recently spent a night at Glidden House  and made the most of a night out (and a lazy morning) without kids.  Glidden House is a lovely boutique hotel in the University Circle area.  We dined at L’Albatros, which is conveniently located within walking distance.


Selection of five cheeses


“French Toast” with ragout of wild mushrooms and balsamic syrup


Escargots with toasted garlic and fennel butter


Goat Cheese Tart with olives and sun dried tomatoes


Veal Short Rib with wild mushroom risotto and veal jus


Cassoulet – braised white beans, pork belly, lamb, duck confit and sausages

He said…I had a more favorable impression of the restaurant after our second visit.  I loved the cheese course, which our cheesemonger helped us navigate through the many choices.  Our server mentioned that the preparation of the cassoulet was a deconstructed version of the classic dish and I was very eager to try it.  The dish was right up my alley as it was a meat lovers dream!  All the pieces of meat were cooked beautifully and the duck confit was very rich in flavor and taste.  The sausages were good but not as flavorful as I would have preferred.  Overall, however, the dish was a perfect meal on a cold winter’s night.

She said…I keep hearing about how everyone loves this restaurant.  I guess I’m the exception.  This is the second time I’ve eaten here, and I’m just not a big fan.  The best part of this meal for me was the cheese.  I loved all of the selections that the cheesemonger picked for our table, and I’d honestly go back to just sit at the bar and eat cheese and drink wine.  It’s mostly that I’m just not that into this style of cooking.  It’s a little too traditional for my taste.  I enjoyed the appetizers more than the main dish.  I thought the take on French toast was pretty interesting and the goat cheese tart was tasty.  The veal short rib dish was just ok.  It wasn’t as tender as I expected, and the flavors were very one note.  The last time I ate here I had the beef bourguignonne, and it also wasn’t as tender and flavorful as I had hoped.  I think I’ll stick with cheese.

Although we may have differing opinions about L’Albatros, we do agree that it was a great night with great friends, and we won’t wait too long before we do it again!

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Deagan’s Kitchen and Bar

We have heard a lot of good things about Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar in Lakewood, so when we found ourselves on that side of town (which doesn’t happen too often) we decided to check it out.


Baked Goat Cheese spicy tomato sauce, basil, crostini

We really wanted to start with the reuben pierogies, but they were out of them, so we went with the goat cheese.  It was good, but not really a memorable dish that we would go back for.  


Meatloaf mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, mushroom gravy

He said…The meatloaf was seasoned well and I really enjoyed the mushroom gravy. However, the meatloaf was not served hot and the mashed potatoes were a little bland for me.  With the mushroom gravy, it would have been interesting to turn the dish into an open face sandwich with a killer homemade bread.


Chicken & Waffle cheddar-scallion waffle, collard greens, cayenne butter, maple syrup

She said…The chicken was good.  It was super crispy.  I also thought the collard greens were pretty tasty.  I didn’t really care for the waffle or the cayenne butter.  I couldn’t taste the cheddar or the scallion in the waffle, and the cayenne butter was lacking in flavor. Usually, with a chicken and waffle dish you get that great sweet and savory combination, and it just didn’t come through here.

We liked the casual atmosphere.  Although we sat in the bar area, it still had a family friendly feel.  The beer selection was a high point for us, and we also appreciated the focus on local, seasonal products.  There were quite a few things on the menu that looked worth trying, so we would be willing to go back.

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Back to D.B.A.

We recently headed back to Dante Bucuzzi’s D.B.A. in Akron and had the chance to try a few more items on the menu.


Hawaiian Tuna Tartare – purple potatoes, poached egg, chive remoulade


Hudson Valley Foie Gras – “bananas foster” pickled walnuts, crisp plantains


Surf and Turf – braised beef short rib, seared scallops, celery variations


Ricotta Cavatelli – sweet gorgonzola cream, toasted walnuts

We thought everything was good.  The foie gras was a little on the sweet side for our taste, and the scallops were just a tiny bit overcooked, but overall, it was a good experience.  We loved the cavatelli, and would definitely order it again.  There was a tanginess and a sweetness that made a perfect combination, along with the texture and nutty flavor from the toasted walnuts.  This place is a much needed addition to the Akron dining scene.  The vibe is lively, although a bit loud for intimate conversation.  We have been consistently happy with our dining experiences here, and we will certainly be back.

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